Healing Anxiety – New Book Release

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Ian Wright has now published his second book titled ‘Healing Anxiety’

Transform the symptoms of anxiety with this combination of sensory practices, meditations and contemplations designed to help us combat the causes and effects of anxiety

We live in an age of anxiety which can overwhelm us and take over our lives. In this book you will earn specific techniques to stop anxiety and develop a practice to literally rewire your brain to find true peace.

This book is designed to help us understand and address the root causes of anxiety, dismantle triggers and transform beliefs so we can take back control of our brains and overcome anxiety.

Ian guides us through a sequence of sensory practices and techniques, starting with a series of anxiety ‘brakes’ then enabling us to understand how to change our thought patterns and finally develop a practice designed to resolve anxiety.

Our normal will become a state of peace.

This book is now available on amazon in hardback and paperback or on Kindle.

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