“Learning to pay attention to where we are placing
our awareness in the moment empowers us.”


Meditation Practice

Meditation practices have become increasingly lost in our modern era.

I became interested in meditation practices in my late teens, and I have collected hundreds of books on the subject. I have studied different types of meditation from all over the world, with the purpose of finding a practice that would enrich me. I started teaching my own style of blended meditative practices about 10 years ago.

I have found that meditative practice are most effective when we take our brains out of gear and find a quiet neutral within. For me, this is the starting point for all meditations.

Meditations can do many things: from finding [stillness (?)] to peace, reconnecting to ourselves, to internal transformation and the lofty goal of enlightenment. Meditation can be about simply being, or we can focus on [encouraging positive] internal energy changes – [creating] an internal ‘alchemy’.

My practices have been influenced by Taoism, Buddhism, osteopathy and the ways of being of indigenous tribes of the world.