HEALING ANXIETY: Practices to Empower Yourself in Overcoming Anxiety

This book is based around a series of practices designed to empower yourself to overcome anxiety. These practices are based on 30 years’ experience of working with people of all ages with a variety of anxiety issues. These practices first act to calm down the brain, using a series of ‘anxiety brake’ techniques.

The practices then develop into a process which will act to ‘rewire’ the anxious brain, meanwhile developing a deepening sense of peace and an ease of being in the world.

As the practices become woven into day to day life, the changes will become increasingly evident.

These practices have been developed from many different threads; from many years of study of Buddhism and Daoism, the practice of a gentle form of Osteopathy, teaching and developing sensory practices for practitioners and running courses in developing sensory awareness and reconnecting with nature.

It doesn’t matter what kind of anxiety you have, be it specific phobias, social anxiety, general anxiety or even if you just are prone to feeling overwhelmed and over worry, these techniques can help you overcome your anxiety issues.

The practices build on each other, with the purpose of changing your brain function away from anxiety, eventually you will pick your favourites to use in the course of everyday life.